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About us

Q.P.E. Inc. (Quebec Police Equipment inc.) was founded in June 2000 by Tom Reeves, a retired policeman. Mr Reeves used his knowledge, his expertise and vast experience in the policing community to start a distribution company which ensures to provide impeccable customer service and quality facilities are highly specialized.

QPE is an authorized distributor of equipment for police and correctional services, firefighters and paramedics as well as various government agencies and private security. It is also the exclusive distributor of
SaniSport product's for law enforcement, Quebec and the Maritimes for StopStick and exclusive in Canada for DSA Detection products.

QPE provides a wide range of specialized products, such as:

* Drugs and explosives detectors and maintenance products
* X Ray Equipment
* Carpet studded
* Office equipment sanitizer
* Riflescopes, sunglasses, binoculars
* Belts and cases
* Lamps & Accessories
* Gloves

If we can not respond to your request, we shall endeavor to assist you in your search. Please note that we do not sell any firearm, ammunition and irritating gases.

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